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 AL's Game Review Corner

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PostSubject: AL's Game Review Corner   AL's Game Review Corner I_icon_minitimeFri Sep 12, 2008 2:50 am

[Coped and Pasted from another forum I go to so some games on this list is old and I kind of don't exactly talk as sophistcated as I do now back then, but I'll be making more reviews along the way and be making a more professional view on each of the games I review.]

Alrite, I've been reviewing all the games I played in my life and im here to help you out pick the best ones to come! I've catagorized each game with its system so it wont be hard if you want to find this certain game from this certain console. Ill just give you guys the review of the games that come to mind right now, I'll update when i feel like it

Xbox 360

Gears of War

Never have I seen a game with so much detail put into every aspect of its enviroment and its characters. This game practically reinvents of what a NEX GEN console can do so basically, this is THE BEST LOOKING GAME I HAVE EVER SEEN. But besides from its astounding graphics, we also need to look at gameplay. (PS3 has great graphical games but do u see anyone liking to play em? Exactly) Gameplay is basically a third-person shooter that utilizes the whole enviroment to be used as cover. The core gameplay that the developers call it is "Stop-an-Pop" if you still dont understand heres an easier explanation. You go from over to cover popping your head out to shoot so that your steroid enhanced looking character doesnt become a bullet sponge from AI that actually is pretty smart at times. The game is made by Epic Games, the developers of all the Unreal Tournaments, and they know how shooters are, they KNOW how to make it fun which is y Gears of War not only comes with graphics beyond comprehend but gameplay that perfectly blends in with its stop and pop mechanics. When your done with the singleplayer(which is pretty quick) there is also a great multiplayer over Xbox Live. The Multiplayer is nothing to say except FLAWLESS! ITS AWESOME AND U WILL NOT WANT TO GO A DAY WITHOUT IT! GoW's Multiplayer is the reason y im saving up money to buy an Xbox 360 and get an Xbox Live account and im very cheap of a guy who doesnt like to pay monthly or anything. And if somehow u get tired of the multiplayer(which is highly unlikey) there is also CO-OP OVER Xbox Live WHERE U CAN PLAY THE SINGLEPLAYER CAMPAIGN WITH A FRIEND and with that in mind, y not bump up the difficulty so u can get more achievements on Xbox Live? And u think it cant get better from here? Oh are u wrong, not even are the graphics and gameplay exceptional but even the SOUND AND MUSIC MAKE THE GAME COME ALIVE! The many sounds of grunts and bullets wishing past your already scarred faces makes u think your in a real battlefield of wits. The orchestra is AMAZING as well! At first i didnt think it gave me as much pumped blood as Halo did but after awhile in the game, i changed my mind. Its AWESOME! If u all wanna here some clips of it go to this website:


Now time for the Pros and Cons

Pros: Game's graphics make your eyes bleed of awesomeness, sountrack is great, gameplay reinvents the term "Cover your d**n ass!", Voice-acting is also exceptional, your squad feels as alive as the battlefield with all their very own exceptional personalities and quotes such as Cole Train's famous "Im in the ZONE baby!", Chainsaw Bayonette makes u look at chainsaws in a more beautiful way, Multiplayer is AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(NOTE: i bolded it to show how awesome it is), The inventive Active Reload helps get the excitment of the battle get even closer, Shooting sumone in the head with the sniper rifle never felt so good....., Grenade sticking now makes more sense in this game(PM me if u wanna know what i mean), Xbox Live features are over the top and are great

Cons: Singleplayer is a little short, characters history could have been more expressed and told, paying for Xbox Live isnt my thing but im forced to do it cause the multiplayer is too awesome...

Score: 5 out of 5
9.7 out of 10

Dead Rising

Dead Rising is those rare games that actully does good the zombie genre. Dead Rising is about a photo journalist named Frank(i forgot his last name) who is investigating these mysterious killings at a state. The governement doesnt reveal what is happening so he flies in the area to find zombie hordes killing everything and everyone in their path. Frank lands on a mall called the Willamette mall filled with survivors. Frank now has 72 hours to find as much information about everyone and eveything thats happening in the mall and everything aorund him. Anything and Everything is a weapon. The game is fun, very fun. You basically go around klling zombies and going through the mall trying to find as much information as u can. With multiple endings, this game will make u want to play it more and trying out every weapon in the game isnt to bad as well. Achievements also give extra bonuses in the game such as if u complete this certain achievement, u will recieve the Megaman Buster to use as a weapon. Its an overall fun game to play and........yeah I dont really want to think of anything more so heres the Pros and Cons.

Pros: Everything in the mall is a weapon, Graphics are up to that NEX GEN look, Fun to kill countless zombies, RPG system of leveling up is great with also learning new moves to try on for the living dead, Achievements are awesome to complete, game is funny at times with its own unique way, mutiple endings make u want to see them all, extra ending story adds to the lasting appeal of the game

Cons: Aiming in the game sucks, bosses start to feel cheap at times, survivor rescue missions get u pissed when the AI cant even follow u correctly, Xbox 360 sumtimes cant take all those zombies on the screen and crashes

Score: 4 out of 5
8.4 out of 10
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Number of posts : 104
Registration date : 2008-05-25

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PostSubject: Re: AL's Game Review Corner   AL's Game Review Corner I_icon_minitimeFri Sep 12, 2008 2:51 am


Dragonball Z Budokai Tenkaichi 2

DBZBT2 is probably one of those rare DBZ games that are actually good. DBZBT2 is tons of fun with its unique fighting system, special moves have never been funner to make. The game comes complete with every single DBZ to DBGT saga including all the movies and extra made up stories just for the heck of it. Getting 100% in story doesnt really mean u have 100% in the whole game. There are many different type of items that can be used to help boost your characters. Basically there is RPG elements with attack increasing or defense increasing such things like that. I already beat the game and got almost every character besides 2 so i didnt technically beat the game 100%. The fun combat system makes up for alot and makes the game feel much better than usual fighting games. Its awesome to do special moves and also to learn how to make various combo patterns. The game has its faults(ill show u in the cons section) but replaces them with some nice fun fighting, if this game got online play then it would probably be one of my most faves.

Pros: Fun fighting system, doing special moves never felt as fun to do, tons of characters to choose from, the whole DBZ and DBGT sagas to go through, RPG elements are nice, new tag team mode feels nice, controls feel simple and easy, making your own pattern of combos is fun, new ability to change forms during gameplay is a great add, one of the better looking games for the Wii

Cons: Mutiplayer mode starts to lag for no apparent reason when fighting, 100% of the game can be an a$$ to complete, some moves are reused for characters, camera angles can get rough when in tight spots, fighting can feel like plain button mashing at times, no online play

Score: 4 out of 5
8.5 out of 10

No More Heroes

Some of you probably already know how much I love Suda 51's No More Heroes. If you don't, this review shall show you my passion for it. No More Heroes is, by far, the most unique, style-driven action game to have come out in a long time....maybe ever. The story is about an Otaku (Thats right, an Otaku) who loves his anime; video games; and most of all, ****. His name is Travis Touchdown (and don't you forget it!) and somehow in the awkward universe of No More Heroes, he buys a Beam Katana (A.K.A. Lightsaber) on eBay. Yeah, I am serious, ON EBAY. So you think thats wacky enough? Hah, you have no idea. Anyways, since he had no money to buy himself some video games, he takes the job as an assassin to make money. His first assignment was to assassinate a guy called "The Drifter". This man is really named Helter Skelter and is the 11th ranked assassin of the UAA (United Assassins Association). Travis successfully killed him and becomes #11 and just as he finishes saying his wacky one-liner; a sexy blond french woman named Sylvia Christel appears to Travis to tell him of his accomplishment and his new mission. She tells him he is now marked and must move on to become the top Assassin of the world. He really only does it so he can get Sylvia in bed with him as she promises she might if he becomes #1. So now you know the story. Yes it seems like you predict it, but there are actually some surprising moments in it that will totally catch you off guard. Anyways, lets move to gameplay. The Gameplay in this game is hack and slash with the Wii-twist. You press the A button a couple of times then when your enemies HP bar runs out, you go into the Death-Blow mode where time slows down and an arrow shows you where to swing your Wii-mote. This, by far, one of the most satisfying combat systems ever made. Seriously, I LOVE IT. IT NEVER GETS OLD. Oh and on top of that, you can also do wrestling moves nearly the same way by pressing the B button to stun your enemy. Besides from all the super awesome intense action, there is a sandbox, free roam world in No More Heroes. You can travel around Travis' home city, Santa Destroy. The world is cool to explore for a bit, but you will quickly find out that it really is there for you to go from point A to point B. Before you can kill a ranked assassin, you must pay the entrance fee. This is where you will spend most of the time in the sandbox part of the game where you will have to do certain jobs to gather money up for the next ranked match. The missions are all unique in their own way, but some tend to get tiring after the first few times. The best way to earn money is to do assassination missions where you go and assassinate people. You will really spend time in the sandbox world to get money and if you are a clothes spender like I was, you will spend a lot of time spending money in the clothes store in Santa Destroy. The T-shirts are awesome. There are also hidden balls where if you gather enough, you can give it to some guy in a bar and he will teach you some very useful skills. Anyways, after you gather enough money, the real fun begins as you make your way to the ranked match. Seriously, the boss battles are fun. Really fun. Makes all the time getting money worth it. While fighting the boss, you can't always go up and just slash them. You gotta read their movements and find openings. Oh and did I mention all the bosses are extremely unique in their own way? My favorite assassin was #7, Destroyman. He freakin' has a special where he shoots a laser out of his crotch. How awesome is that and yes, it does add to the WTF meter in No More Heroes. The graphics in this game also shine to make the game more stylish. Its heavy cell shaded look is fantastic! However, not everything in the game looks nice. An example is some building windows and cars. They all look like copy and pasted pictures on a car model or building. Not very attractive. Now as for sound. The sound is generally quite engaging. The sound of the Beam Katana swishing and swashing through enemies and the sound of an enemies head popping out after a death blow is great. The music in the game is fantastic too, although they seem to overuse the main theme a bit much.

Overall, this game is definetly the "hardcore gamer" game everyone has been wanting on the Wii. Its mature (Very mature) and its combat, sense of style, and down right funny humor are all what makes this game stand out from most other action games. Unfortunately, without a lot of advertisement, not a lot of people know about the game so it will probably go under the category, "Best Game No One Played". I seriously love this game and am trying to get 100% complete. I nearly have everything! I just need some more T-shirts.

Pros: Fantastic hack-n-slash gameplay that is built perfect for the Wii and that doesn't overuse the motion control and will also make you play the game again after it is done; Awesome artistic graphics add to how stylish this game is; Funny as hell; Great music that seriously is catchy to listen to; Story is great and nearly every character in the game is memorable, even the footmen you fight through; Creativity in the game never cease to amaze; Voice-acting in the game is so over-the-top that it is ALWAYS entertaining.

Cons: Motorcycle controls are rather awkward; Collision detection is pretty off; Frame-rate slows down; Santa Destroy is pretty non-interactive without the side missions; Side mission are pretty short as well; No retry button when you fail a side mission (!)

Score: 5 out of 5
9.4 out of 10


Dragon Quest VIII: Journey of the Cursed King

By reading the title u probably are wonderin what happened to the last seven Dragon Quests. Well Dragon Quest wasn't shipped to America since its first game until a developer company called Level 5(you might have played their games like Rogue Galaxy or Dark Cloud) was able to get it to America and from what we've been missing, this is basically gunna be the new Final Fantasy here. Dragon Quest started out just like Final Fantasy, on the SNES, and moved all the way to the PS2. Dragon Quest has an extreme popularity in Japan and if u have played Dragon Quest then u already know y its so popular. I actually owne about the first 4 Dragon Quests on my Xbox I think and well I wasn't really impressed with the first one. First one basically had an RPG battle systm but u dont see yourself and the battle basically takes place in a small box on your screen. Since Dragon Quest 1 wasn't too interesting to me, i decided not to try the others i had on my Xbox. Then I plaed Dragon Quest VII on my PS2.......and I LOVED IT.....Now that the history is set up, imma tell u what I think of Dragon Quest VII: Journey of the Cursed King. Dragon Quest VII is probably one of those RPG gems u just dont want to put down and whats special about it is that it is ALL BASIC RPG BATTLE SYSTEM. Now your probably thinking "Why is it so great with a basic RPG system? I mean i've played games like that, but wasnt very entertained for awhile...." Well Dragon Quest VII has a Basic Battle System yes, but it does it so WELL that it feels like a nice break from all those innovations other RPGs are doing in the market. Dragon Quest VII is a nice take break relaxation of a RPG. Its fun, its beautiful, its addictive, it has a great story, it has great voice acting, it has memorable characters, it has a great level up system, it has customization elements built into the upgrading system, it has an expansive world that feels alive, it has monsters that u wont forget to soon, ITS ART DIRECTOR IS AKIRA TORYIAMA(DB, DBZ, DBZGT), it has a "pokemon like" monster capture system but without pokeballs, its monsters u can capture are all unique in their own way, it has special monsters that are great and extremely rewarding for beating them such as the Metal Slime which is rare to find and runs away after like 1 hit but once beaten u get like 1000 XP....thats alot, it has so much stuff that i can continue this huge list if i wanted too but imma stop right here before u guys get a headache and just want me to get to the point. Anyways playing Dragon Quest VII is probably one of the funnest experiences i have ever had in any RPG....more funner than Tales of Symphonia and Final Fantasy X.....actually im not sure about Final Fantasy X but definetly Tales of Symphonia and u guys know how good Tales is. If your still not convinced then i say u are not an RPG gamer. ANY RPG LOVER WILL LOVE AND ENJOY THIS GAME AS MUCH AS I HAVE AND IM NOT EVEN A BIG FAN OF RPGs! BUY IT AND LOVE IT!! Pros and Cons below:

Pros: Game has beautiful graphics and a expansive world to travel around...whats not to love?; Fun, addictive; Classical gameplay is a nice break from all those other RPGs stuffing the game market; Great rememorable characters and monsters; nice addition of capturing monsters is a great add to its replay value; character upgrading and leveling is extremely fun; Great voice acting, great voice overs , great personalities that make u remember the characters; Awesome music that u will remember; Story is expansive and lets more hours of gameplay into the game

Cons: Story being expansive isn't really that good to those who want to end the game after beating the main bad guy; Random battles might get yer patience especially if another monster joins in the battle

Score: 5 out of 5
9.2 out of 10


Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney

If u guys have noticed, i have been talking about Phoenix Wright for quite some time now and how great it is. Then i finally remembered about this topic and so i decided to give it a rating. Now before i go giving out the rating, i will start by talking about the plot, how u play the game, and what makes it so great.

Alrite so u are Phoenix Wright, a rookie attorney on his first case to help a friend not be turned guilty through court of law. This is basically the begining court trial. Its more of a tutorial of how u will be playing in the court and all so dont think that when u pass it, the game is hecka easy cause.....its not. I cant really lead anymore info then that or it will spoil the game for u people so i will head now to how u play the game.

The game has 2 different styles of gameplay. The first is the court trials where u have to point out the lies the witness's say in their tesitmonies against the accused. Basically its a whole story u have to read until u get to a part that says, "Witness Testimony" This is where u pin point the lies the witness is saying by showing evidence to prove they are lies. REALLY REALLY FUN....ESPECIALLY IF U GET THEM REAL GOOD! THATS WHEN TRACK #11 PLAYS WHICH IS AWESOME!!!! Ok so anyways this is basically the first type of gameplay in the game. The second type is where u are in a first person perspective of Phoenix Wright and u are trying to find clues and evidence to prove that the accused is innocent. This part of the game isnt exactly the most fun buts its quite interesting. Its also the part in the game that takes a considerable amount of time to complete. What u basically do is talk to people to get information from them, examine areas, and basically get as much info and stuff as u can on the case.

So now that u have heard of the gameplay and story u will probably want to know the games verdict correct? TO BAD, I WANT TO EXPRESS HOW MUCH I LOVE THIS GAME!! ALMOST EVERYTHING ABOUT THE GAME IS FANTASTIC!!! THE MUSIC! THE GAMEPLAY! THE STORY! THIS IS PROBABLY MY HIGHEST RECOMMENDATION OF A DS GAME EVER!!!!! Ok so now u want to know the verdict, u can probably guess it tho. ^^;;

Pros: Fantastic, unique gameplay; GREAT innovative uses of the DS's touch screen; AWESOME MUSIC! (I SAY IT RIVALS FINAL FANTASY!); First person perspective adds a some great detective like gameplay which could be fun at times; Interesting new approach to games through the perspective of a lawyer; Storyline is quite well made and very interesting to follow; VERY Memorable characters and phrases; Funny phrases adds some personality to the game; Nice use of the DS's built in microphone; Whoever thought being a lawyer could be so much fun? (i doubt it is in real life though)

Cons: Heavily text driven (Those who dont like to read may not really like it, but hey, i dont like to read that much and i dont care much for all its text!); Microphone sometimes doesnt work which could make u feel stupid; Difficulty of finding lies in the testimonies could leave u on one part for quite sometime; First person perspective gameplay isn't exactly the most fun part of the game, but its still pretty fun

Score: 5 out of 5
9.0 out of 10
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